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Posts of New Facebook Users Won’t Be Automatically Public Now

As reported on Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s little blue dinosaur has made a comeback. He sent warnings to certain Facebook members that were posting who were publicizing that people across the globe would be able to see their writing last month.
However, now, Facebook said the cartoon would be doing more complete
This time around, Facebook says, the cartoon will be conducting more complete “privacy checkups” on more members.
The Privosaurus Rex initiative is an attempt by the social media giant to remind members that regret sharing information later that they must be careful at the time of posting news. Facebook’s effort to remind users, some of whom regret their sharing decisions after the fact, to be mindful when they post.
The checkup includes a walk through Facebook’s “App Control Panel,” which will list the other websites and apps where a user registered through the “Facebook Login” feature. For people who use Facebook Login liberally, this could lead to a rude awakening when they find out the various bits of personal information they’ve been supplying to other apps.
Hence this is an attempt by Facebook to remind members about user privacy, which will prevent them from leaving the social media site out of fear of privacy with regards to the data they have shared.
The company has been testing this feature for a while and it plans to launch it for use within the next few weeks. This privacy checkup will be translated into many other languages as well.
Another announcement that was also made by Facebook was the changing of default setting in terms of the posts by new users from “public” to “friends.” It was 2009 when this setting was made public and now they are amending the settings as per the feedback from users.
(Image courtesy WSJ)
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