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Hallmarks of a top Facebook Business Page

Well, there is no need to stress on the importance of social media today. We live on the Internet. Hence it is important for business to move along with the times and adapt. A previous generation said: “home is where the heart it”. The current generation says: “home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically”. So here are some tips to help you adapt to changing times and evolving business ideas. Following are a few basic pointers that you must get right while designing or setting up your Facebook Business page.

About us

Making necessary changes and updates to the “About Us” page is essential. Most brands update this section at the time of setting the page and do not attend to it once they commence their daily campaign. One needs to optimize this section as not drastically but tailor it as days go on. The hyperlink to the website is of course important so users can take a look at it, especially if you are a new brand.

Profile Information

The profile information should be comprehensive. It should answer all the questions a potential customer has before he/she gets in touch with your team. Some of the questions that the profile information should answer are:
How is your business different?
What does a potential customer look for when he lands on your page?
What problems can you help solve for customers?
How are you best positioned to solve those problems?
What is the next logical step a potential customer must take?


While you have all the content on the page, do not neglect graphics. This is key to engaging you audience. Your profile picture and cover photo must represent your business objective/goal with the help of a clear and clutter-free graphic. Even daily posts must include images and info graphics that capture the imagination of the customer.
Use apps, or design by yourself, a killer landing page. Apart from having the right content and design, the landing page must contain the following:

You offer

Your unique selling point
Benefits to the customer
Reason for customers to take up the offer
Reason how that offer will significantly improve their business

Contact Form/CTA

Finally, you must have two more things to your Facebook business page  - Call to action and a contact form. CTA is a call to action that makes the user click to the product once they have read and understood your offering. This is the most important feature of the page. It should be as engaging as possible. A contact form will help you increase your database by capturing details of customers. Also, make use of this form as a means to get positive and negative feedback. Opinions of users can help you modify certain aspects of your product, thereby offering greater quality. It also helps you stay in regular touch with potential customers as you can inform and update them about offers and new products.
Bonus tip: Integrate a tab for your YouTube channel on the Facebook page. This is the age of Vines and video. Nothing conveys your message more clearly than a simple video of a few minutes.
Simona Bostan

Simona is coming from a financial background, finishing her BA in Banking and Finance. She started to get into the Igaming World as a Customer Care Agent with Unibet in 2007.

Always seeking to optimize her work she left Unibet and joined Freespin Casino as an Affiliate Executive where she learned all the tricks of the trade.

With her move to B3W in 2010 she used her accumulated knowledge and designed a custom made Affiliate System for B3W.

She has a vast knowledge in SEO and Optimize Affiliate Marketing for Clients, bring new Affiliates to the Client, negotiate deals, motivate an existing portfolio of Affiliates, optimize and develop their performance to maximize player traffic, networking.

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