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Simona Bostan

Simona Bostan

Simona is coming from a financial background, finishing her BA in Banking and Finance. She started to get into the Igaming World as a Customer Care Agent with Unibet in 2007.

Always seeking to optimize her work she left Unibet and joined Freespin Casino as an Affiliate Executive where she learned all the tricks of the trade.

With her move to B3W in 2010 she used her accumulated knowledge and designed a custom made Affiliate System for B3W.

She has a vast knowledge in SEO and Optimize Affiliate Marketing for Clients, bring new Affiliates to the Client, negotiate deals, motivate an existing portfolio of Affiliates, optimize and develop their performance to maximize player traffic, networking.

6 ways to deal with troublemakers on your Facebook fan page

Job of social media managers is getting tougher by the day. Social media is now slowly turning into this monster that we have created. It is a beast that is increasingly getting difficult to tame. Suddenly people have found a megaphone where they can praise, abuse or even build or break the reputation of a brand or individual. Managing fan pages of companies or brand is a thankless job.

From the perspective of a brand/company, using social media can be a great way to launch or introduce a particular product or service. That can fetch you a lot of bouquets from your fans. But at the same time you need to be prepare for the brickbats as well, especially when a customer finds a certain fault or isn’t happy with your product or service.


Probably five years back, such customers would have called the company to inform them about the poor service or faulty product. Some would send an email of course with the odd profanity but it was a one-to-one interaction. In today’s world, the customers use social media to give feedback to companies. 

Everybody has realized there is an audience out there that would be witness to your interaction – good, bad or ugly. They know a company would not want to rink their reputation with multiple eyeballs following a conversation that may appear on the news feed.

This has given birth to another section of social media users – trolls. They are growing by the day and can be a handful to deal with. Basically these are people that will pounce on a post on your fan page for multiple reasons- spelling errors, to make a joke, to abuse or just make certain you don’t have a good day. The anonymity factor plays to their strength.

Hence if you are the manager of fan page for your company or brand on Facebook, you need to make certain there is no harm caused by such users or such users don’t divert the attention of your target audience. You need to act swiftly and without emotions taking over. 


Here are some effective ways to deal with troublemakers on your Facebook fan page:


1. Hide the comment/post – If there is a comment on your post or on the fan page that isn’t relevant, you can hide the post. The person that has made the comment does not get a notification about the comment being hidden. He/she can still see the comment but the comment isn’t visible to other users. Depending on the reason for hiding that comment, this action can be reversed and you can unhide he comment as and when you like.


2. Delete the comment/post – This is similar to the “hide” feature. This would delete the post permanently. The comments however can be brought back. This has a similar effect as the “hide” feature. 


3. Report the post/comment  - Facebook gives an option for moderating posts - Report/Mark as Spam. Make use of this option in the case of repeat offenders. Such people intend to disrupt the smooth functioning of the social interaction bet your and the audience. There are options to report such users to Facebook under: explicit content, hate speech, violent behavior etc.


4. Reply to the post/comment: Depending on the type of comment/post, sometimes it makes sense to engage in conversation. Depending on what type of brand you have, it makes perfect sense to engage in “banter” with fans.  At times people like seeing the lighter side of the conversation and this actually helps you reach a greater audience.


5. Move the conversation outside Facebook – if the concerned person is an honest critic or existing customer with a genuine problem, it would be wise to move the entire conversation to outside Facebook to help him. You can leave a comment with a number or email id whereby the person can give his feedback. This is essential as if your product has a genuine flaw, you would not want the entire world to know it before resolving the issue. 


6. Ban user – In case of users that resort to repeated abuse or trolling, it is best to ban them. They are neither your customers nor intend to be in the near future. Instead of wasting time by moderating their comments and post, it is best to get ride of such users.

It is best to deal with troublemakers is a swift and effective manner. Sometimes tiny issues can snowball into an embarrassment for companies and brands. You don’t want a comment that is “liked” by 500 people or a post that is shared 1000 times, especially if it ends up negatively affecting your brand.

Saturday, 04 January 2014 20:18

4.6 Million Users Affected By Snapchat Hack

4.6 Million Users Affected By Snapchat Hack

The news and social media was taken by storm when nearly 4.6 million accounts of social media site Snapchat were accessed by hackers who then went on to post these details online for several hours.

A website names SnapchatDB went ahead and released this information but the last 2 digits of the phone number of users were censored. This user information has been taken down but you still can find the cached version.

This event has occurred after Gibson Securoty, an Australian firm has issued a warning in the app of Snapchat, which could have been abused by the hackers.

Gibson Security released a statement on Twitter that said:


"We know nothing about SnapchatDB, but it was a matter of time till something like that happened,"


However, the hackers claimed to have used the flaws that were highlighted by Gibson Security as per TechCrunch.

As of today, Snapchat is said to be the social media site of the future and has gained an enormous amount of user base and popularity. Snapchat allows picture sharing. These shared pictures get deleted once they are viewed.

Snapchat also allows users to find friends by means of an address if it has been uploaded in the contacts book. Gibson Security had warned Snapchat of the exact same thing prior to this hack. 

As per the Gibson Security officials, Snapchat had been warned almost four months before this incident but the company did not take any precautionary measures. 

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Twitter Account Of Skype

In a horrific start to the New Year, Twitter account of Skype has been hacked by Syrian Electronic Army. The group that hacked the account also went on to post numerous tweets and looks like a typical case of phishing. 

The hacking group also posted tweets from the verified Twitter account of skype that read: 

"Don't use Microsoft emails (hotmail, outlook), they are monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the governments. More details soon #SEA."


Unfortunately for Skype, this tweet was RT’d or retweeted more than 8,000 times and happened to remain online for over 2 hours. There was another tweet posted from the compromised account of Skype that read:

"stop spying on people,"

The same group also hacked the Facebook page of Skype as well as a blog that is hosted on the website of Skype.

Skype has now gained access to these accounts and it does not appear that their actual services and user information was compromised. After this ordeal was over, the official Skype account tweeted this:

“You may have noticed our social media properties were targeted today. No user info was compromised. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”


This event has turned out to be quite embarrassing for Skype as security lapses like this can shake the confidence of users who deposit personal details while signing up for accounts as well as bank details when they top up balance to make calls on Skype.



Friday, 03 January 2014 17:56

£10 Free with NetBet Casino

£10 Free with NetBet Casino

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About NetBet: 

Coaldale Enterprises Ltd owns the NetBet Sports brand. They were founded in the year 2009. The company is governed by the jurisdiction of Malta.  They do not accept US customers. The website has five language options. The brand has been steadily growing since its inception. They offer good football markets and have established as a reputed online bookmaker and casino games.

Other promotions:

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Tuesday, 31 December 2013 16:49

Facebook Falling Out Of Favor With Teenagers

Facebook Falling Out Of Favor With Teenagers

Social media giant has virtually been everybody’s favorite social media site for almost 5 years now. They beat then leading site Orkut and also held a stiff challenge from Google+ to stay ahead of competition. But now a new research has shown that young users are avoiding Facebook and are more obsessed with Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram.


Daniel Miller, professor at the University College London said:

"Where once parents worried about their children joining Facebook, the children now say it is their family that insists they stay there to post about their lives. Parents have worked out how to use the site and see it as a way for the family to remain connected. In response, the young are moving on to cooler things. What appears to be the most seminal moment in a young person’s decision to leave Facebook was surely that dreaded day your mum sends you a friend request. You just can't be young and free if you know your parents can access your every indiscretion. The desire for the new, also drives each new generation to find their own media and this is playing out now in social media. It is nothing new that young people care about style and status in relation to their peers, and Facebook is simply not cool anymore."


The EU funded the research carried out by the University College of London. Students in the age group of 16-18 were questioned in the United Kingdom regarding their preference of social media sites. 

There was consensus that Facebook is better integrated and a great way to manage photo albums. However WhatsApp was the favorite chat messenger and keep in touch with friends. A lot of teenagers are now using Snapchat that enables picture sharing. The shared pictures disappear once they are viewed.

The students suggested that there could be privacy issues using Facebook as NSA may access data from the site. But this does not seem to be a major reason for the decrease in favor of Facebook. When it comes to pictures, Instagram is a firm favorite that happens to be owned by Facebook.


Techcrunch’s Mike Butcher had the following inputs on this study:

"Facebook used to be quite a private place, especially among university students and gradually because Facebook needs to make money it had to open up and become more public. So that's what happening and they (young people) are going towards new kinds of platforms like Instagram or Twitter."

Monday, 23 December 2013 18:39

Christmas Casino Tournament at Leo Jackpot

Christmas Casino Tournament at LeoJackpot

Christmas Casino Tournament T&C:

Tournament scheduled Every day  from Tuesday 24th December 08:00 AM to Tuesday 31st  December 2013 - 11:59 PM CET:

-Participants : Leojackpot customers
-Qualifying games : All NetEnt Slot Games
-Minimum Rounds to qualify for the tournament : 100 Rounds
-Minimum bet : 0.20 E
-Win Criteria : Most Games Rounds

Prizes :

- 1-st place : 1 iPad Mini;
- 2nd place : €200 added on the player account;
- 3rd Place :  €100 added on the player account;
- 4th-10th place:20 Free Spins*on our latest slot game  - added on the player account
- 11th -20th place:10 Free Spins*on our latest slot game -added on the player account

Tournament General Rules:

• The winner(s) will be decided according to the rules model stated below
• Should a tie occur for the top position, the player who has played the most rounds/hands takes top spot.
• A minimum number of rounds/hands must be played to be eligible for a prize.
• The 1st prize will be send by post to the winner on Friday 10st January 2014
• The prize from 2nd  to 3rd  place will be added into will be added to the players Leojackpot gaming account on Wednesday  1st  January  2014 after 2 pm.
• The exclusive Free Spins in our newest Slot game (which represent Casino Cash prizes from the 4th to 20 place) will be added to the players Leojackpot gaming account on Wednesday 1st January 2014 after 2 pm. T&C are : Cash-in wager Req.:30 ; and Bonus validity 1 week; .
• Tournaments are offered as a fun and fair competition for all of our players. Anyone deemed to be exploiting them or playing in a manner not in the spirit of fair play may be excluded from receiving prizes. This includes repetitive single line bets with minimum coin value play which is considered indicative of tournament abuse and round churning.


Determining the winner - Most games rounds

The player with the Most game rounds played  during this period Tuesday 24th December 08:00 AM to Tuesday 31st  December 2013 – 11:59 PM CET, wins.

To participate in the tournament, register an account here.

History behind Twitter’s “Follow Friday”

If you happen to spend majority of your time on Twitter, like everybody else in the world today, there is a more than a slim chance you might have stumbled upon the words “follow friday” #ff. This is nothing but one of the many traditions that happen to exist on Twitter. Follow Friday is nothing but Twitter users recommending another user to his/her followers hoping they’d like what the person recommended tweets on a daily basis.


These tweets are represented by #ff or #FollowFriday and are tweeted on Friday. This is basically a process, which enables twitter users to curate their timelines and follow the relevant people for tweets that might interest them. This also helps people that tweet good, informative or humorous stuff attain more followers.


Apparently Micah Baldwin who thought it would be a good practice to recommend twitter users to one another initiated this tradition. He happened to tweet this on a Friday and named it Follow Friday. Then another user happened to start the hashtag - #followfriday that was later re-christened to #ff.


This soon became a rage on Twitter and today it is a Twitter tradition. There are even apps that have been designed to track your interactions on Twitter as well as the users that are being recommended. 


For newbies on Twitter that are yet to come to terms with these traditions, it is actually quite simple. So here is how you participate in follow Friday on Twitter. If you are working in the iGaming industry and think Simka Consulting is a  good source of affiliate marketing or iGaming news and updates and that your followers would find it helping with stuff that Simka Consulting tweets, all you need to do is tweet the following on a Friday:

@SimkaConsulting #ff

That’s it. It’s that simple!


Trends and traditions keep changing in the social media landscape. The trend of “Follow Friday” is yet to diminish and Twitterverse seems to be enjoying it very much. Most people are happy to recommend users that will add value to the timeline of their followers and vice-versa that is the real reason why #ff really works.

Thursday, 19 December 2013 08:46

Facebook Rolls Out Video Ads

Facebook Rolls Out Video Ads


Social media giant Facebook will now be rolling out video ads that will commence with a stream of ads of the new film Divergent. These ads are supposed to be playing automatically on the Facebook news feeds but the sound on these ads will not be audible unless the user clicks on the volume option. As for the mobile users, these video ads will be downloaded in advanced as and when your device gets connected with wi-fi.


There were reports coming out of this development for the last few months but there was no confirmation. Now Facebook has confirmed what many people feared would disrupt the user experience. The engineers at Facebook have been testing various ways of watching these videos since September.


Initially these video ads were set to be rolled out in the summer but Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t too sure of how the users would receive these ads and decided to delay the entire update.


There have been a lot of complaints from those using Facebook on mobile devices as it could consume some portion of their Internet usage as per the monthly plans. To counter these fears, Facebook has revealed that only the video ads that have been downloaded before though the wi-fi will end up playing.


As per Facebook, this content won’t consume the data plan even if there is no wii-fi connection at the instance of playback. Also, any user that is not interested in watching the video ads should just scroll past and that particular video will not continue playing.

What is not known at this point is the amount that Facebook intends to charge the advertisers for these video ads. There was a report compiled by Morgan Stanley that predicted Facebook could generate revenues amounting to $1bn (£613m) in the year 2014. This number could go up to $6.5bn by 2020.


However, the critical question remains to be answered  - how will the users respond to these latest updates or are they too addicted to Facebook to even care?

Hot Searches – How Google Trends Can Benefit Your Online Business


What people or potential customers are actually searching for on the Internet is what bothers search marketers the most. Most marketers crave for a comprehensive report of what are the exactly are people looking for on the web. Because let’s face it – everybody wants people on the web to land on their websites.


Something that has been less credit than it deserves in this aspect is Google Trends. Of course, there are certain issues with this and one of them is accuracy. But now there has been an update made by Google to Google Trends.


Google Trends will now supply you with data that you actually want by tapping into the Knowledge Graph. So when you are looking for shoes, you will get data on shoes and not something else with a similar name.


Because a word like shoes can be referred to multiple things.  It can mean an exact brand or just shoes in general. Google Trends now gives you more precise data. Google Trends is now categorizing vague terms and combining the data even if it is not spelt correctly from terms that are searched into a main keyword.

Hence now you got search for “Pokr Software” but it will still be clubbed with “Poker Software”. Also, Google intends to club data that is closely linked with “Poker Software” with it in the near future. 


For marketer, this gives more accuracy in terms of understanding what people are looking for. Since those dealing with SEO will be hugely benefitted. Since you will get an idea of the broad trends surrounding a keyword like “poker software” instead of just the exact word.

Even content generation will benefit from this Google update. You will gain more viewers through the search, as you will now write more accurately on topic of your choice rather than a vague term of keyword.


Any business that is on the web or deals with generating leads online, exploring Google Trends would be recommended. Google terms it as “hot searches”. So if the “hot search” is Dallas Cowboys and you own or run a sports website or blog, make sure you update some interest content about the Dallas Cowboys. It simply means you have more chances to be found.

William Hill Online and NetRefer announce new partnership

London, 1st December 2013: William Hill and NetRefer are pleased to announce their partnership to enhance William Hill Online’s Affiliates United program through NetRefer’s Performance Marketing suite. 

Rated by EGR Magazine as one of the most powerful gaming operators on the planet, William Hill Online is a significant partner and an exciting addition to NetRefer’s growing client base. This partnership continues to assert NetRefer as market leaders in affiliate management and performance marketing. 

William Hill Online’s new affiliate programme will offer state of the art functionality including fully managed online hosting, advanced media tracking, dedicated customer support and account management, flexible reward plans, attractive affiliate commissions, on time payments, and extensive reporting along with other industry leading marketing tools. This will empower the business with all the necessary functions to support CMOs, marketing and affiliate managers and affiliates effectively and efficiently. 

William Hill Online has always enjoyed a very strong brand image, and through the implementation of their new affiliate platform, this will encourage further growth for their online business, a key objective for all NetRefer’s online gaming partners. 

Anat Errell, Head of Marketing Operations for William Hill Online, said: “This is a very important chapter in our business, and we are very excited to be working with the industry leaders in affiliate marketing to ensure all our esteemed affiliates and marketers are provided with the leading edge solution in the business. We are proud to have selected NetRefer as trusted partner for our marketing solutions”.

Julian Buhagiar, CEO of NetRefer Malta, said: “It has been a pleasure to work closely with the marketing and technical teams at William Hill Online to ensure they are provided with all the latest marketing tools to fulfill their requirements. Our goal is to ensure all the affiliate team as well as their affiliates are provided with a fully configurable rewards engine, clear and flexible reporting, in-depth analytics as well as user friendly dashboards available in over 99 languages to ensure market reach and localisation for William Hill’s entire online brand.” 

Further details about WHO’s affiliate program can be found at http://www.affutd.com 

Further details about NetRefer can be found at http://www.netrefer.com 

About William Hill

William Hill, The Home of Betting, is one of the world's leading betting and gaming companies, employing more than 17,000 people. Founded in 1934, it is now the UK's largest bookmaker with around 2,400 licensed betting offices that provide betting opportunities on a wide range of sporting and non-sporting events, gaming on machines and numbers-based products including lotteries. William Hill Online (www.williamhill.com) is one of Europe's leading online betting and gaming businesses, providing customers with the opportunity to access William Hill's products online, through their mobile, by telephone and by text services. William Hill PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange and generates revenues of over £1.2bn a year.

Tel: +44 (0)20 8918 3732


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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